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Nothing excites more than creating unique moments from a massage and getting yourself to really experience the sensation of a session vicariously through an awesome massage therapist.
Specializing in massage therapy, companionship and adventure girls, nairobi freelance massage therapists have been the choice of reputable individuals including foreigners, tourists, diplomats, locals, businessmen and many more on their tour to Kenya. From the positive reviews both publicly on our social accounts, we continue to serve the most genuine, attractive and discreet ever therapists to keep you coming back for more. Browse below for the available therapist of choice in Nairobi.

Sensual Massage Services in Nairobi

yoni massage nairobi

Yoni Massage Nairobi

Yoni massage is a form of tantric massage that primarily focuses on the vagina from a place of love and respect. it is a means of honoring women. yoni massage is more pleasurable and sensual. its main focus is to generate a bond of trust and intimacy with her partner.This is a sensual massage for women who are looking for pleasure as compared to an ordinary massage

lingham massage prostate massage nairobi

Prostate Massage

Lingam massage or Prostate massage is a full body massage which includes the genital are. Lingam massage is focused on locating and releasing tension stored deep within the abdomen. its also a sensual massage meaning its focused on helping the receiver to connect and control his sexual response. It can also be used as foreplay

erotic couple massage nairobi

Erotic Couple’s Massage Nairobi

Our Erotic Massage for couple’s is a very good way to spice up your relationship. you can either choose to have one or two masseuses. You can also choose to remember some of the techniques used as you can use it on your partner as a surprise to your partner. This can be the perfect treat for an anniversary, birthday or even valentines. Erotic couple’s massage can improve your sexual life with your significant other. it can introduce new things to your love life.

sensual massage nairobi

Sensual Massage Nairobi

Sensual massage is a type of a massage technique whereby the masseuse ins’t only concentrating on the strong grips but also on the erogenous zones where even a alight touch can be felt. It is filled with soft caressing touches in a slow tempo giving a really intimate sensation. Sensual massage can either be less  erotic or very erotic depending on the connection between the masseuse and the guest, the mood and the environment.