Mobile Massage Spa Nairobi

Nutcall Massage Nairobi by Maureen

 Mobile massage service providers in Nairobi.

I’m offering outcall or mobile services within Nairobi.

Just relax I’ll bring the spa experience to your apartment or hotel room.

How to book a session within minutes…

  • Pick the place, time and type of service you’d Like

Kindly send your Name, name of the apartment or hotel, door number, block number if there’s any, time and type of massage you’d like (anything more you can request)

Use the link below to WhatsApp me at anytime

  • Professional (Swedish, deep tissue, full body)
  • Sensual (tantric, nuru or body to body, ESO, yoni, lingam)
  • Personal tour guide services 4 hours to 12 hours sessions

AVAILABILITY  from 8am to 8pm (7 days a week)

Kindly Book an hour in advance .

  • Why you should Pick me as your mobile massage therapist. 
  1. I’m very discreet so don’t worry about privacy.
  2. I’m open minded and ready to provide the services you’d like
  3. I’ll attend to you at the comfort of your apartment or hotel room
  4. I’ll be there as soon as possible
  5. I.ll bring the things ill require for the session

This is what i call self-care at its best.

The Services

My aim is to provide relaxed mind and totally rejuvenated body. 

Duo or the four hands

outcall 4 hands professional and sensual massage nairobi +254718659310


This type is offered by two therapists who’ll help you achieve the ultimate relaxation you’re looking for. It can either be soft like Swedish, hard like a deep tissue or sensual.

The therapists will rub down your body simultaneously. This would be the best treat for yourself or your partner after working for too long without a break. Also a self pampering session is acceptable.

You’ll get either two female therapists or one male and one female. Please be clear while booking this session on the kind of therapists you’d like. Kindly book in advance so as to make sure we’ll both be available at the same time.

The main aim is to leave you feeling like a new person after that wholesome soul pampering session.

 Couple’s outcall couples professional and sensual massage nairobi +254718659310


Couple’s massage is a wonderful relaxing personal experience for partners. During this session, two people receive rub downa at the same time or one at a time.

You each get to choose the type of service you’d like between Swedish and Deep Tissue.

There’s something magical when a couple gets pampered together. They get closer and it ends up being more like a bonding session.


 Travel Girl and Personal Tour Guide Services

Nairobi travel girls

I do offer personal tour guide services within Nairobi or Kenya and what it has to offer.. 


  • Take you to parks
  • Take you Hiking
  • Take you sight seeing
  • Attend events
  • Just spending time together

Kindly book in advance.


maureen's outcall massage Nairobi +254718659310


Aromatherapy is basically a full body rub down. I use specialized oils made from herbs to relieve the tension and stress. 

If scents make you feel relaxed then we’ve got you. We use scented natural oils that will help your muscles to heal even after the actual session.

Full Body 

outcall full body professional and sensual massage Nairobi +254718659310


Full body gives complete relaxation and refreshment. It promotes relaxation, blood circulation and muscle tension relief. I’ll use the concept of anatomy and physiology to make sure that you get the best service.

Full body means getting worked on from your head to your toes. (head, neck, back, thighs, feet, chest and arms). I’ll use the concept of anatomy and physiology to make sure that you get full body relaxation.

Communicate the type of pressure you’re okay with. This is crucial in getting the best experience

Why get a full body massage today

Foot Massage (Reflexology)

massage therapist nairobi

Many of our clients prefer our foot massage after a long day of standing and walking. It helps in relieving them from the acute pain. Reflexology is also beneficial for overall health.  

Feet have nerve endings connecting the whole body, this makes this type of massage essential. When you get a proper reflexology you’ll feel more relaxed as opposed to without.

Request it next time and let us know what you think

Hand Massage

Our hand has more than two dozen bones and are continuously working. So give your tired muscles some relief with our hand massage and feel the difference.

Tantra or Tantric 

massage, Mobile Massage Spa Nairobi


Tantra or tantric is a very relaxing and very soft kind of rub down.

This involves very light and soft touches. your therapists will use the tips of her fingers as that’s how this service is offered.

It focuses on your senses making you aware of what’s happening all over your body. Its quite enjoyable as it takes care of your passionate needs as well.


yoni massage nairobi


Yoni is simply a vagina massage

Yoni therapy aims to help you feel more comfortable with your body. It also helps you gain a better understanding of what feels good to you.

yoni  can be extremely stimulating. It focuses on several sensitive areas like the stomach and breasts.

If you do climax, its OK, you may even experience more than one orgasms.

ESO (Elongated Sensual Orgasm) 

erotic couple massage nairobi


ESO (elongated sensual orgasm) is a sensual type. The technique used mainly concentrating on the erogenous zones. This are the areas where even a light touch can be felt. it is filled with soft caressing touches in a slow tempo giving a really intimate sensation.
sensual massage can either be less or very erotic. This depends on the connection between you and your therapist. Also the mood of the venue and your willingness to feel all the sensations.
The other best thing about this type is that you’ll essentially get Swedish, tantric and lingam in one session 


nuru or body to body assage nairobi

Body to body is a very unique full body massage. It helps to get rid of tension while being subjected to a full range of sensations. its very sensual whereby your therapist will use both her body and hands. she will rub her body on yours using slippery oils or gel.

its a very close and personal type of session compared to the others. This is perfect if you’re looking for a more sensual touch

 Nuru Massage or Body to Body

Deep Tissue 
deep tissuetargets the deeper layers of the muscles and surrounding tissues. It uses short and deep strokes technique. This helps with blood circulation, straightening muscle knots and relieving pain. 
Many people choose this type to treat sports injuries as well as chronic pain. Deep tissue is more effective in relieving pain. Its more effective than physical therapy, prescription medication and over the counter drugs. It is always better dealing with body pains the natural way.


swedish massage nairobi

Swedish massage is rather a gentle. its the best option for people interested in whole body relaxation. This type isn’t always suitable when in pain but also when you need to treat yourself.
The pressure is quite manageable than that of deep tissue. You’ll feel very relaxed as it soothes the muscles and feeling lighter and more energized.



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