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Is soreness a good sign of a workout

know when most of us go to the gym we always associate the pain as a sign of a good workout. This might come as a shock but i’ll break it to you,soreness from a workout is not always a sign of a good workout.

Soreness comes from tiny microscopic tears in the muscle tissues resulting to inflammation. Typically Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) takes 24-48 hours to develop and peaks between 24-72 hours post exercise. If by chance the muscle soreness prolongs past 5days that could be a sign of significant muscle damage beyond whats beneficial. Just make sure that you’re suffering from DOMS and not injury.

In-order for you to avoid the pains of DOMS the next time around just try to increase your resistance gradually so that your muscles can adopt to your new workout plan.

Here’s a list of tips to relieve or better yet avoid sore muscles so that pain will never be an excuse to skip your workout the next time around.

  • Warm Up

This is the one thing that most of us might overlook but its the most important. You have to increase body temperature to help prepare the muscles for the intense workout.

  • Stay Hydrated

To begin with you loose lots of water in inform of sweat and in return you’ll end up being hydrated. A lack of electrolytes can make muscles sore, try drinking water since its healthier or easily digested fluids so that you can power up and avoid upset stomach.

  • Ice Sore Muscles

If you end up having sore muscles you can use an ice pack before actually booking for a massage. Just take the ice pack and compress it over the sore muscles this is usually very convenient but i have to say it doesn’t beat a good full body massage.

  • Do Cardio

A cardio workout increases blood flow and act as as a filter system. This workout brings nutrients like oxygen, proteins and irons to the muscles that you’ve bee training and helps them recover even faster. As the blood leaves the muscles, it takes some of the metabolic by-products with it like carbon dioxide and lactic acid that may be causing DOMS.

P.S Treat yourself to a sports massage to help relieve sore muscles.

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