The best massage for total relaxation

A good massage is a great treat with lots of health benefits that go beyond mere relaxation. As a massage therapist im good at giving several massage services which is quite normal but to some extent you as a client should have a rough idea of what you need and the goal to be achieved at the end of the session.

Nairobi Mobile Masseuses offer a variety of massage techniques to treat different needs. We also customize massage sessions to the specific needs of every client. Most of the time we do incorporate different techniques to ensure you get the best treatment there is.

I’m writing this article to enlighten people on the 2 most popular massage services there is and what to expect.

  • Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is the best type of massage there is if your end goal is to be fully relaxed both physically and mentally. Swedish massage helps in relaxing toxins, tension and soreness. When a Swedish massage is being done the massage therapist uses long stokes which are relatively slow as compared to other forms of massages. This can be done by either using lighter or deeper pressure but the strokes are long.

This form of massage is typically very relaxing and is ideal if its your first time to get a massage.

  • Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massage uses various techniques in order to increase the pressure applied. This type of massage is mostly done with the forearm or elbow to help exert pressure to the tissues.

For  deep tissue the techniques used are much slower with lots of pressure and strokes to stretch out the knots. In order for this massage to be effective there’s usually that range of ‘good pain’ which is mostly associated with deep tissue massage. Don’t let the pain fool you because the end results are to die for. After getting this particular massage you end up feeling more relaxed, its like your back gets lighter and im not even exaggerating it, so that means enduring through the ‘good pain’ really does pay off.

Those are the two famous types of massage there is and i hope this article helps you know what you want to achieve at the end of your massage session.

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